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As a fully functioning production company, we officiate and execute pre-production through post-production with efficiency and veracity. We develop original marketing content, strategies and campaigns for film, TV and any digital platform. Our production studio is currently located in Greenpoint, BK.


Brand Identity Creation

Our creative and marketing team will work together to develop a Brand ID that will benefit you most from any angle. We will create user and consumer profiles, brand ID charts, and stylescapes based upon your vision for you.

UX design & Discovery Session

Even with a solid knowledge of what you want your brand to be, its a whole other playing field trying to relay the same message to a consumer. We come to you with the very best ways to bridge the gaps between you understanding you, and the consumer understanding you.

Graphics Design & Production


We offer the very best in graphics for a website, clothing, motion graphics for a website or an app, SM graphics, and anything else custom to your brand.

Video Pre & Post Production

Our video production staff has a proactive and innovative work ethic that always delivers to clients more that what they asked for. They’re organized, understanding of your needs, and intuitive on set in terms of working out the best results. We offer anything from 30- second social media campaigns, to commercials, instructional videos, short series, and live event coverage.

Brand Identity Design Package

Our creative team will assess your wants, needs, and visual aesthetic to develop a brand-specific combination of our services that will provide you high quality content to represent your brand, rather than the current trend.

Logo Design

Our team of graphic designers will assess everything above to create a timeless logo for your brand.

Brand Naming

You might know exactly what you want for your brand, down to everything but what to name it. We can help with that.

Stop Motion Animation

Want video production but digital doesn’t work for your brand aesthetic? Unlike most production companies, we offer an alternative.


Our team of editors always understands the clients aesthetic and always executes a first draft to near perfection; without ever taking a loss on turn around time. Our team is Adobe Premiere certified and After Effects certified.


Portrait | Corporate | Editorial | Conceptual | Event Photography | Video

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